Laser communication utilizes laser light to transmit data for point-to-point communication scenarios on the ground, in air or even space. It offers ultra high data rate communication across vast distances while being highly power efficient and secure at the same time.

  • Ultra long distance communication
  • High bandwidth inaccessible to competing technologies
  • Almost 100% secure (jamming, interception) and stealth due to narrow beam divergence
  • Unregulated use, no usage restrictions, no ITU
  • Safe technology that cannot harm humans or animals with minimal precautions


Applications for Mynaric’s products range from short term, small scale disaster relief scenarios to permanent, globe-spanning satellite network constellations providing services like internet to billions of people. Other such ground-breaking uses include:

  • Smart City infrastructure
  • High altitude mobile backbone networks
  • Downlinks for Earth observation satellites
  • And many more…

Wireless laser communications, with its unique technological advantages, is the natural extension to terrestrial fiber networks – in effect, it is the optical fiber for the skies and beyond! By bringing backbone capacity anywhere in the world, Mynaric is making the impossible possible.



Mynaric’s products are optimized for their respective operational scenarios and allow reliable best-in-class service no matter whether mounted on a commercial airliner, to a ballon in the stratosphere or even a satellite in low Earth orbit.

  • Designed for airborne, stratospheric and space applications
  • High data rate of 10 Gbps today, several Tbps in the future
  • Low size, weight, and power consumption (SWaP)


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