The History of Us

Mynaric was founded in 2009 with the goal of commercializing wireless laser communication for aerospace applications. In 2012, Mynaric started working with customers on demonstrations of air-to-ground and air-to-air scenarios to advance technology and achieve product-level maturity. The growth of Mynaric’s market success has been reflected in the growth of the company – tripling the number of its staff since 2014 and, in 2016, expanding its business and establishing a North American office to serve customers in the USA and Canada. In 2017, Mynaric continued on its growth path with a flotation on the German stock exchange to raise growth capital to enter serial production.


We aim to become the leading equipment supplier for aerospace communication networks, with a specific focus on commercial telecommunication constellations in air and space. Our current portfolio of laser communication products is the basis of this approach and we focus on standardization and serial production of our products to achieve continued cost reduction to our customers. By twinning this with the ambition of becoming a one-stop shop for aerospace communication networks, and a strong focus on internationalization, we hope to realize our mission to become the go-to supplier for the internet above the clouds.

Serial Production

We have based our business strategy on laser communication’s use in constellations and in doing so we have focused on serial production as the means to meet the demand for large quantities of laser terminals that will be needed to build aerospace communication networks.

Cost Reduction

Mynaric’s products are designed to be utilized in networks requiring hundreds - even thousands - of units so our strategy differs fundamentally from the classic state-subsidized space business and concentrates on production savings.


We want to use our privileged position as a market-leading commercializer of laser communication products for aerospace networks to expand our product offering to adjacent promising business activities and become a one-stop-shop for aerospace communication networks.

International Supply

Mynaric’s international focus is an essential part of our business strategy. Key industry players are found in the international market and for this reason Mynaric’s policy is to forge an international presence through regional subsidiaries in attractive, potential markets with the aim of acquiring new customers worldwide.

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