Mynaric's Equity Story

Our equity story will furnish you with information on the market in which we operate, our products’ place within it, how we aim to use our products to become the market leader and how our management team’s experience and drive will help us reach our potential.

Attractive market environment with high growth potential

As a market-leading specialist in laser-based communication networks, Mynaric is excellently positioned in an attractive and needs-driven growth market.

  • Existing data networks are delivered mainly through fiber optic infrastructure on the ground but these networks are reaching their economic and logistical limits. Demand for a faster, more secure and more resilient network infrastructure is ever-growing and Mynaric is developing the core technologies that will fill this gap.
  • Our wireless data transmission products can carry very high volumes of data which can be sent wirelessly over long distances at high speeds - up to ten gigabits per second. Telecommunication experts consider laser communication technology to be a key technology underpinning the infrastructure of the internet of the future.

Strong market position will help us realize our growth potential

Mynaric combines a market “first mover advantage” with technological primacy and an excellent strategic network.

  • Mynaric is closely associated with the German Aerospace Center (DLR), having been founded by two former laser experts who worked within the DLR. Our cooperation with this key German aerospace research center has helped us to develop cutting-edge technologies and maximize our commercial potential.
  • Multinationals such as Google, Facebook, SpaceX, Telesat and Airborne Wireless Network are all working on communication networks above the clouds and, in doing so, hope to access to new telecommunication markets. Mynaric is supremely positioned to benefit from this development.

Mynaric’s key technology delivered through serial production

Successful testing of our products, twinned with our ongoing technical progress, place us in an ideal position to achieve our goal of becoming the “Cisco” for communications networks in the aerospace industry.

  • Mynaric has already successfully developed and demonstrated technologies for wireless data transmission and mass production is currently in preparation. Our products are the result of a long-term development process that gives us a fundamental competitive edge over our competitors in terms of know-how and technology.
  • As early as 2013, we successfully tested an air-to-ground connection in cooperation with the Airbus subsidiary Cassidian and the DLR and since then we have developed and tested around a dozen pre-series ground stations and laser terminal products.

An experienced and competent management team

Mynaric’s management team combines proven leadership expertise with outstanding engineering expertise.

  • Dr Wolfram Peschko, Chief Executive Officer, has been with the group since 2011 and heads the Strategy, Finance and General Management divisions. He possesses more than 30 years of experience in senior management, gained at various companies with sales of more than EUR 50 million and headcounts of up to 1,000 employees.
  • Dr Markus Knapek is one of the founders of Mynaric and responsible for Group strategy and operations. He has more than 15 years of experience with laser communications and dealt with the development of ground stations and channel models during his time at DLR.
  • Joachim Horwath is another founding member of Mynaric and responsible for the technical management. He has a long track record in the areas of laser communication systems and the development of aircraft laser terminals and ground stations in the DLR.