• Mynaric announces exclusive partnership with Leti for market-changing laser communications technology

    • Exclusive agreement positions Mynaric as prime supplier for constellation networks consisting of several hundred interconnected aircraft, drones and satellites
    • Tie-up with esteemed French research institute will improve performance and reduce costs of Mynaric’s laser communication products
    • Technology is expected to expand economic viability of laser communications and accelerate technology adoption


    Munich, April 06, 2018 – Mynaric can announce today that it has formed an exclusive partnership with Leti, a French research institute at CEA Tech, on a key technological development in high-speed communication.

    The collaboration centers on the next generation of Avalanche Photodiodes (APD) for telecommunication systems that will now allow for an improved performance level far exceeding the already record-breaking values achieved by Mynaric’s laser communication products.

  • Mynaric inducted into Space Technology Hall of Fame for commercialization of laser communication

    • Mynaric inducted into Space Technology Hall of Fame for adapting laser communication originally developed as a space technology to commercial applications
    • Laser communication enables Internet provision for those without connectivity via aerospace communication networks
    • Award to be bestowed on laser communications specialist at ceremony at the 34th Space Symposium, Colorado Springs (USA), in April


    Munich, Colorado Springs, 16 February 2018 – Mynaric has today announced that it has been inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame for its work on transferring laser communication developed for research purposes to commercial applications. Its miniaturized laser terminals are being utilized to establish high-speed laser connectivity between aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and satellites which are intended to build the data highways of an Internet above the clouds to connect the estimated 3 billion people still without connectivity.

  • Mynaric reports on successful development progress of smallsat laser communication product

    • Mynaric on track to complete qualification unit of smallsat product in early 2019
    • First electronic components will be launched on a satellite in first half of 2018


    Munich, 22 January 2018 – Mynaric has progressed through a crucial development milestone and is on track to complete the qualification unit of its smallsat laser communication product in early 2019, paving the way for serial production thereafter. The laser communication space terminal currently in development is designed for upcoming satellite mega-constellations in low-Earth orbit (LEO).

  • Mynaric delivers Laser Terminal flight units for upcoming Flight Test for Airborne Wireless Network

    • Mynaric delivers two Laser Terminal flight units to Airborne Wireless Network
    • Mynaric technology used to demonstrate the ability of aircraft to act as airborne repeaters / routers
    • Mynaric continues to tap into US market potential


    Munich, 06 December 2017 – Mynaric, a listed manufacturer of laser communication technologies for communication networks in air and space, announces the shipment of two laser terminal flight units and associated components to California-based Airborne Wireless Network (OTC QB: ABWN). The shipment is part of an agreement signed in August this year and underscores the ongoing expansion of Mynaric’s business in the US market.


  • Mynaric hires senior leaders to grow US business

    • Joe Fehrenbach appointed as the CEO of Mynaric USA
    • Mike Soutullo new CTO of Mynaric USA
    • Mynaric USA to establish own engineering and manufacturing capabilities


    Munich, 28 November 2017 – After its successful IPO on October 30th on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Mynaric is delivering on its promises to invest the IPO proceeds in its internationalization by appointing senior leaders to grow its US subsidiary.