Space Terminals

High data rate satellite communication for earth observation missions and large scale constellations

Micro Laser Terminals

Mynaric’s Micro Laser Terminals for applications in the low Earth orbit (MLT-LEO) allow free space optical (FSO) communication for ultra high data rate inter-satellite and satellite-to-ground links. Having a low mass, low power consumption, and a competitive price they are tailored for the stringent requirements of LEO satellite constellations and small sat Earth obervation missions. The MLT-LEO terminals are based on our air-to-air and air-to-ground terminals for stratospheric applications, which have very similar requirements on performance and environmental conditions such as large temperature range and gradients due to solar radiation, vacuum, etc. and are currently advanced to withstand the particular requirements of space missions.

  • Range: up to 4000km link distance
  • Data rates: 10-200 Gbps
  • Payload: ultra-low size, weight and power consumption (SWaP)
  • Privacy: resistant to tapping, jamming or spoofing
  • Regulation: none, no ITU license required
  • Lifetime: 5 years design, 7 years target at LEO polar orbit

Link Scenarios

Mynaric’s space terminals are designed to interconnect individual satellites as well as entire constellations of hundreds of even thousands of satellites in low Earth orbit and to provide ultra-high broadband links to and from the ground. They are a key element for future large scale and global connectivity concepts of LEO satellite constellations for internet provisioning on the ground and allow Earth observation satellites to downstream more data in less time at a fraction of the costs.

Technical Data

Range <1200km or <4000km
Data rate 10 – 200 Gbps
Mode uni-directional, asymmetric or bi-directional
Weight 10 to 15kg
Temperature range -40 – 60° C
Lifetime 5 years (design), 7 years (target) at LEO polar orbit

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Distance to ground station
Distance between platforms
Distance to ground or other terminal
Distance between ground stations
Distance between terminals (km)

Required Bandwidth
1 Gbps10 Gbps>10 Gbps

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