Remote Eye Concept for Sensing and Surveillance

Laser communications allows real time access to high-definition remote sensing and surveillance activities with 100% link security and privacy


Today, enormous amounts of data are generated for governmental agencies, scientific purposes and commercial applications from all kinds of airborne vehicles such as UAVs, airplanes, helicopters and many more. Often, high-definition video streams of current events or other time critical data must be transmitted in real time to a base station that is not in direct proximity of the vehicle acquiring the data. Laser communication allows to establish a 100% secure and private (no tapping, jamming or spoofing) airborne long distance relay link that connects remote surveillance or measurement missions with ultra high data rates and bridge several hundred kilometers of link distance.

Relevant Products

Product Picture of GS200 Optical Ground Station Optical Ground Stations

  • Small size and easy installtion
  • Mobile or fixed use
  • Environmentally protected against rain, winds, etc.

Product Picture of MLT-20 Laser Communication Terminal Air-to-Ground Terminals

  • Tolerant against strong vibrations
  • High field of regard
  • Eye-safe operation

Product Picture of MLT-70 Laser Communication Terminal Air-to-Air Terminals

  • Up to 600km link distance
  • Ultra low size, mass, and power consumption (SWaP)
  • Designed for regular airspace or stratospheric applications

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Distance to ground station
Distance between platforms
Distance to ground or other terminal
Distance between ground stations
Distance between terminals (km)

Required Bandwidth
1 Gbps10 Gbps>10 Gbps

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