Air-to-Air/Ground Terminal: MLT-70

Mynaric’s laser terminal MLT-70 is a free space optical communication terminal for airborne applications. It is used for bidirectional data communication and when paired with our GS-200 ground station provides a complete 10 Gbps link to any aircraft or stratospheric platform.

This compact system is based on an innovative pointing mechanism, with low power consumption and heat dissipation. Furthermore, it is optimized for the dynamic behavior of aircraft and high-altitude platforms.

  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet IEEE 802.3-compatible
  • Forward error correction to compensate atmospheric effects
  • Optimized low size, weight and power consumption for UAVs and HAPs

Link Scenarios

Our air-to-air terminals allow free space optic (FSO) communication for aerial applications and are optimized for the dynamic behavior of high-altitude platforms as well as regular airspace. They allow for high-speed connections to low or medium-velocity aerodynamic platforms such as the stratospheric balloons or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that make up high-altitude networks in the stratosphere or for aircraft in regular airspace experiencing high velocities and strong vibrations. Our air-to-ground terminals, when used in conjunction with one of our optical ground stations, establish high-speed links to the ground from aircraft constellations and high-altitude constellations.

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We are happy to develop custom made laser communication terminals tailored to your application and also offer subcomponents of our products for individual sale.


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