Optical Ground Stations

Fixed and mobile terrestrial base stations for high-speed airborne and space laser communication links

Laser Communications Ground Stations

Mynaric’s Optical Ground Stations (OGS) allow free space optical (FSO) communication between airborne or space objects and the ground or terrestrial communication between two ground stations. The compact systems are based on an innovative pointing mechanism, low power consumption and heat dissipation. They are optimized to support both fixed and mobile communication links under harsh environmental conditions such as rain, strong wind, and temperature variations. The Optical Ground Stations can be used in combination with one of our air-to-ground terminals to establish an air-to-ground link, with a space terminal to establish a space-to-ground link, or with another ground station to establish a ground-to-ground link.

  • Data rates: 1-10 Gb/s for high-speed data transmission
  • Safe technology: only minimal precautions necessary
  • Privacy: resistant to tapping, jamming or spoofing
  • Regulation: none, no ITU license required
Product Picture of GS200 Optical Ground Station

Link Scenarios

Mynaric’s Optical Ground Stations (OGS) are designed to offer high-speed access points for aerial or terrestrial communication scenarios. They exemplary allow ultra high-speed downlinks for surveillance UAVs or earth observation satellites when used in combination with an air-to-ground terminal on an aircraft or a Space terminal on a satellite, respectively. In terrestrial scenarios they allow quickly deployable high-speed communication links between two potentially dynamic locations. Weather conditions such as clouds and rain may impair certain scenarios that involve links in low altitude. For air-to-ground and space-to-ground links such impairments can be compensated for by using ground station diversity schemes that utilize multiple optical ground stations at different locations. The locations for the ground stations are selected such that their aggregate availability – the availability of at least any one ground station – is statistically maximized by using historical weather data and depending of the ground station locations and the number of ground stations up to 100% availability can be achieved.

Technical Data

Data rate 1 to 10 Gbps
Receive aperture size 100 to 400mm
Resilience FEC for up to 10ms link outage
Mode uni-directional, asymmetric or bi-directional
Weight 50 to 500kg
Power consumption 500 to 700W
Temperature range -20 to 65° C
Data interface Ethernet (1GbE, 10GbE)

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Distance to ground station
Distance between platforms
Distance to ground or other terminal
Distance between ground stations
Distance between terminals (km)

Required Bandwidth
1 Gbps10 Gbps>10 Gbps

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