• Mynaric delivers two Laser Terminal flight units to Airborne Wireless Network
  • Mynaric technology used to demonstrate the ability of aircraft to act as airborne repeaters / routers
  • Mynaric continues to tap into US market potential

Munich, 06 December 2017 – Mynaric, a listed manufacturer of laser communication technologies for communication networks in air and space, announces the shipment of two laser terminal flight units and associated components to California-based Airborne Wireless Network (OTC QB: ABWN). The shipment is part of an agreement signed in August this year and underscores the ongoing expansion of Mynaric’s business in the US market.

“Mynaric is a front-runner in wireless laser communications for the aerospace market and the application of our products in ABWN’s upcoming test demonstrates the broad field of applicability and enormous potential of our technology.”
Dr. Markus Knapek, Board Member of Mynaric

Mynaric’s innovative airborne wireless laser communications technology is to be integrated into ABWN’s patented proposed Infinitus Super Highway™. ABWN’s next step is to conduct a two-plane test utilizing two Cessnas or equivalent planes to further demonstrate the ability of aircraft to act as airborne repeaters/routers – actively sending and receiving broadband signals from one aircraft to another.

“Our collaboration with Mynaric in our upcoming Cessna Test will help us to demonstrate our proprietary Hybrid Radio and Laser Communication System. We expect this demonstration will confirm data rates between airborne platforms that was not previously technologically possible.”
Michael Warren, CEO of ABWN

Mynaric recently announced the appointment of senior leaders to further grow its US business. Mynaric USA will focus on the evolving US commercial and government markets. The company will operate as an independent subsidiary under the US management of Joe Fehrenbach (CEO) und Mike Soutullo (CTO). Mynaric USA will establish its own engineering as well as manufacturing capabilities and already runs significant projects with commercial customers.

About Mynaric AG

Mynaric is a manufacturer of laser communication technologies used to establish dynamic communication networks in air and space. Its wireless laser data transmission products include ground stations and flight terminals, which allow very large quantities of data to be sent wirelessly over long distances between aircrafts, autonomous drones, high altitude platforms, satellites and the ground at high data rates.

Globally, the need for fast and ubiquitous network connectivity is advancing inexorably. Data networks are today largely based on infrastructure on the ground, which cannot be expanded arbitrarily for legal, economic or logistical reasons. The future therefore calls for an expansion of the existing network infrastructure into air and space. With its wireless laser communication products Mynaric is positioned as a pioneer in this growth market.

For more information see: www.mynaric.com

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