• Uptick in interest in Mynaric’s cost-efficient laser communication products has prompted move to Los Angeles
  • Bulent Altan will head new US office and divide time between Germany and US strengthening the Mynaric brand on both sides of the Atlantic
  • Expansion plans in US include building engineering and production capabilities to allow for US-only solutions as required by customers

Munich, September 23, 2019 – Mynaric (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: M0Y, ISIN: DE000A0JCY11) can announce today that it has relocated its North American headquarters to Los Angeles to be placed physically closer to growing interest in its cost-efficient and high-performance laser communication products from key US customers, especially in the satellite constellation domain.

Bulent Altan, who joined Mynaric in March 2019 after 12 years at SpaceX, will personally lead the relocated US operation and at the same time remain an Executive Board member of Mynaric.

The decision to relocate to Los Angeles is based not only on the potential market for laser communication products needed by large US constellation-builders – many of whom have offices on the West coast – but also on California’s record in attracting and retaining the world-class talent we require to complement the excellent team we have built in Germany.

It is critically important to us to maintain close relationships with existing and prospective customers and understand their needs and concerns which can be only addressed by US-only solutions. As such, I am excited to be spending more time in LA to build up such capabilities.

Bulent Altan, Member of the Mynaric Executive Board

The company’s move is the precursor to an expansion plan for the United States in 2020 that will be implemented as Mynaric’s airborne and space laser communication products become qualified and available to customers in the next few months. One of the key tasks ahead of the newly-headquartered team will be developing electronics and software sourced solely from within the US; a key consideration for many US companies and organizations wanting to deploy laser communication solutions operationally at large scale.

Today, Mynaric has more space-grade laser communication units in production schedule than have ever been launched by all of our commercial competitors combined to our knowledge, so we are definitively pushing the envelope. We are expecting nothing short of a feeding frenzy for lasercom capabilities in 2020 and today’s announcement is key to preparing for just that.

Bulent Altan

Mynaric USA was established as an independent subsidiary in 2017 and has, since that time, established strong relationships with the largest aerospace players in the country both in established and in New Space.


About Mynaric

Mynaric is a manufacturer of laser communication technologies used to establish dynamic communication networks in air and space. Its wireless laser data transmission products include ground stations and flight terminals, which allow very large quantities of data to be sent wirelessly over long distances between aircraft, autonomous drones, high altitude platforms, satellites and the ground at high data rates.

Globally, the need for fast and ubiquitous network connectivity is advancing inexorably. Data networks are today largely based on infrastructure on the ground, which cannot be expanded arbitrarily for legal, economic or logistical reasons. The future therefore calls for an expansion of the existing network infrastructure into air and space. With its wireless laser communication products Mynaric is positioned as a pioneer in this growth market.

For more information see: www.mynaric.com

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