Custom Products and Subcomponents


We are happy to develop custom made laser communication terminals tailored to your application and also offer subcomponents of our products for individual sale. Subcomponents for offer exemplarily include Laser Ethernet Transceivers (LETs) that can be used with third party optical assemblies to realise high-speed laser communication links. The LETs support data rates of up to 10Gbps with Advanced Optical Link Protection (AOLP) technology – an adaptive data protection mechanism specifically for the atmospheric optical fading channel.

  • Range: depending on application from 5 to 50000km
  • Data rates: 1-100 Gb/s
  • Resilience: Advanced Optical Link Protection (AOLP) technology
  • Latency: ultra low latency versions available 30% faster than optical fibers
  • Environment: adapted to your temperature, pressure and radiation constraints

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Distance to ground station
Distance between platforms
Distance to ground or other terminal
Distance between ground stations
Distance between terminals (km)

Required Bandwidth
1 Gbps10 Gbps>10 Gbps

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