Air-to-Air Terminals

Point-to-point connections for aircraft, UAVs, stratospheric balloons, high altitude platforms (HAPs) and more...

Micro Laser Terminals

Mynaric’s Micro Laser Terminals for Inter-Platform-Links (MLT-IPL) allow free space optic (FSO) communication for aerial applications. The compact systems are based on an innovative pointing mechanism, low power consumption and heat dissipation and are optimized for the dynamic behavior of high altitude platforms as well as for the regular airspace.

  • Range: up to 600km link distance
  • Data rate: up to 10 Gbps
  • Safe technology: only minimal precautions necessary
  • Made for air: resistant to temperature and vibrations
  • Payload: small size, low weight and power consumption (SWaP)
  • Regulation: none, no ITU license required
  • Privacy: resistant to tapping, jamming or spoofing
  • Latency: ultra low latency possible
Product Picture of MLT-70 Laser Communication Terminal

Link Scenarios

Mynaric’s air-to-air terminals are designed to enable high-speed communication links over large distances between airborne objects. Depending on the specific terminal they allow the interconnection of a number of aerostatic or low/medium-velocity aerodynamic platforms such as stratospheric balloons, autonomous aerial vehicles (UAVs) or other high-altitude platforms (HAPs) in the stratosphere or to link airborne objects in the regular airspace with high velocities and strong vibrations.

Technical Data

Link distance <20km, <100km or <600km
Data rate 1 – 10 Gbps
Resilience FEC for up to 10ms link outage
Mode uni-directional, asymmetric or bi-directional
Weight 5-12kg
Power consumption 50-80W
Temperature range up to -80 – 40° C
Data interface Ethernet (1GbE, 10GbE)
Transmit/receive aperture 20-70mm
Communication wavelength 1545-1560nm

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Distance to ground station
Distance between platforms
Distance to ground or other terminal
Distance between ground stations
Distance between terminals (km)

Required Bandwidth
1 Gbps10 Gbps>10 Gbps

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